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World experience shows that the economic growth of the developed countries of Europe and of the world, and their specific regions is based on the field of knowledge and high technologies, the effective combination of which guarantees rapid and progressive development.  The most successful forms of such integration are technology parks, which are characterized by the high level of innovation activity, represent an integration form of science and industry.

Vinnytsia is one of the leaders in the development of innovation and IT industry in Ukraine and not only, therefore, in order to strengthen the city’s position in the field of innovative economy and competitiveness of small and medium businesses, the decision was made to create the first municipal technology park in Ukraine.  The objectives of the innovation and technology park are to establish effective collaboration between educational establishments, institutions, businesses, authorities and the city community aiming to accelerate:

– development of new technological solutions;
– technology transfer;
– reengineering and creating own innovative solutions;
– incubation and increase of start-ups;
– creation of new working place;
– modernization and transformation of educational services, by creating a platform and a material base for scientific research and joint projects.

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