The airport is located at a distance of only 2 km from the city and territory of the Vinnytsia industrial park, has a runway 2500×42 m in solid coverage and is able to serve aircraft of the index 6 (six) and below (A320, B737, Tu-154, Yak-42, SAAB-340 and others) by directions: airports of Ukraine, Europe and the Middle East.

The repair of the airport terminal complex with a throughput of 400 people per hour was carried out, its first turn into operation, with the possibility of simultaneously staying in the terminal’s storage room for up to 150 people. A new luggage compartment equipped with a conveyor has been built. The border crossing point is arranged in Ukraine, the necessary personnel of the aviation security service is selected and certified according to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Starting from June 2016, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has launched regular flights from Vinnytsya to Tel Aviv-Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia-Warsaw-Vinnytsia flights. In addition, charter flights to Antalya (Turkey) are also from Vinnitsa airport.

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