Participants of Vinnytsia Industrial Park will be connected to the electricity network free of charge

2021 begins with an important step towards the creation of a comprehensive energy supply system for small distribution systems for investors in Vinnytsia Industrial Park. A new energy strategy is being created.

Vinnytsia City Council is actively working to equip the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure of the city’s industrial parks and attract new participants. Therefore, on January 19, 2021, Vinnytsia City Council, Vinnytsia Municipal Center of Innovation and VINNYTSIAENERGO LLC of the KNESS group of companies signed a tripartite Memorandum on energy supply of Vinnytsia Industrial Park.

This will help to solve one of the most problematic issues that has hampered the development of the industrial parks in Ukraine in general and in Vinnytsia in particular – the issue of electricity supply. After all, presence of the monopolies and significant over-regulation of mechanisms for connection to the electricity network create barriers for potential investors and worsen the level of investment attractiveness of Ukraine at the international level. Successful implementation of the Vinnytsia Industrial Park energy supply project will create conditions for its development and attract new participants, as construction and operation involve the use of the most advanced technologies and standards.

How will investors in the industrial park benefit from this? According to the Memorandum, the connection of consumers of Vinnytsia Industrial Park in the 10 kV voltage class will take place without payment for connection. VINNYTSIAENERGO LLC, which is part of the KNESS group, will provide electricity distribution services to thev consumers – participants of Vinnytsia Industrial Park. Therefore, all participants in the industrial park will pay exclusively for the consumed electricity.

To implement this project, the KNESS group of companies plans to invest about UAH 250 million in the construction and commissioning of a comprehensive energy supply system for the industrial park.

This is the first project in Ukraine that radically solves the problems of energy supply of participants in industrial parks and will further boost the development of the entire network of domestic industrial parks and provide an additional strong argument for attracting new investment in Vinnytsia.

For reference. “Vinnytsia Industrial Park” – a plot of land “greenfield”, with an area of ​​35.7 hectares, located at Nemyrivske Shose street, 213. The site is equipped with all necessary technical communications. In this way, businesses get a ready-made site to start their business, which is a significant competitive advantage. More information about Vinnytsia Industrial Park at the link.

Priority industries of Vinnytsia Industrial Park in accordance with the approved Concept: furniture production, repair and installation of machinery and equipment; engineering; logistics and service.

Vinnytsia Municipal Center of Innovation is the management company of Vinnytsia Industrial Park. The main functions of the Municipal Enterprise are improving the investment image of the city, creating new jobs, providing favorable conditions for the development of industrial enterprises and related business activities, attracting and supporting investors, obtaining all necessary permits for the residents of Vinnytsia Industrial Park and post-investment investors support.

KNESS Group is an international group of companies that develops technologies and implements renewable and traditional energy projects. The main areas of activity are design and construction of solar, wind power plants and distribution networks, service of energy facilities, production of components for renewable energy, power supply, development and implementation of innovative solutions.

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