Polish Investment and Trade Agency Experts Tested the Winner of the “Golden Site 2020” Competition in Vinnytsia

On November 24, 2020, in continuation of the competition “Golden Site 2020”, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency organized an event “Investor Visit Simulation”. It was conducted by Jan Kamoji-Czapinski, Director of the Investment Center, who is responsible for servicing foreign investors in Poland.
Representatives of Vinnytsia City Council and Vinnytsia Municipal Center of Innovation who are the winners of the “Golden Site 2020” competition were invited to participate in this event.
The training was held online. Besides the team from Vinnytsia, which ensures the development of Vinnytsia Industrial Park, which received the highest nomination of the competition “Golden Site 2020”, there were the representatives of the Ukrainian cities and regions who develop the industrial parks in their territories, in particular from Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr and Lviv regions.
Director of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency shared his experience of working with the investors, talked about the first steps of establishing cooperation, main stages of the meetings preparation and world standards of the investment projects preparation and presentation.
It is important to note that Vinnytsia is the first city in Ukraine to introduce standards for attracting and supporting investors. On November 24, 2017, deputies of Vinnytsia City Council, led by Mayor Serhii Morhunov, approved the Investment Promotion Program for 2018-2020.
During the event, Jan Camoji-Czapinski said: “The European standards of search and communication with investors implemented in Vinnytsia, combined with a high level of presentation preparation, allow to build an effective dialogue with both potential and existing investors”.
Representatives of Vinnytsia city shared their successful experience in attracting foreign investment. There are 3 industrial parks in the city: Vinnytsia Industrial Park, Industrial Park “Vinnytsia Cluster of Refrigeration Engineering”, “Winter Sports” Industrial Park. UBC Group Green Cool plant has been operating on the territory of the Industrial Park “Vinnytsia Cluster of Refrigeration Engineering” since September 2018, construction of the plant of the HEAD company is planned in 2021 in “Winter Sports” Industrial Park, Vinnytsia Industrial Park is currently actively communicating with potential investors.
Volodymyr Shevchuk, director of Vinnytsia Municipal Center of Innovation, said that all three existing industrial parks in Vinnytsia are investment projects that receive a full cycle of support from the management company on the ongoing basis.
Vinnytsia region is one of the 7 regions of Ukraine that took part in the “Golden Site 2020” competition. During the competition, the best investment sites in Ukrainian regions were identified to further increase the capacity of communities and attract regional and foreign investment. According to the competition results, Vinnytsia Industrial Park with an area of 27.6 hectares was determined the winner.
The competition was held by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIT) jointly with the Department of International Cooperation and Regional Development of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Vinnytsia Regional Development Agency within the Polish Aid for Development Project “Increasing the Competitiveness of the Ukrainian Regions and Development of Polish-Ukrainian Economic Cooperation”.

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