Vinnytsia received the highest investment attractiveness rating “uaINV5” in 2020

We have good news – Vinnytsia city received the highest investment attractiveness rating “uaINV5” in 2020. This news informed the national rating agency IBI-Rating. This is important for the reputation of Vinnytsia city as a reliable partner and a comfortable city for doing business.

For several years in a row, Vinnytsia confirmed its position at the level of high investment attractiveness. And this year’s dynamics is a sign that we are moving in the right direction.

We must support the development of the economy in difficult conditions now. Our anti-crisis program “Vinnytsia citizens are important” is also aimed at this. But it is also important to continue those investment projects that were launched earlier. Our partners – the companies “HEAD”, “Green Cool”, “TCS UKRAINIAN INVESTMENTS” are ready to start construction of their plants after the end of quarantine. And we, in our turn, continue to develop the infrastructure of Vinnytsia Industrial Park.

Our community needs new growth points because these are new jobs for the citizens of Vinnytsia and the budget revenues.

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